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Jazz Forum is hosting A Musical Tribute to J. Rosy McHargue at the April meeting of The Valley Jazz Club. Featuring; Jazz America at 2:15 and; Dan Levinson’s Seven Son’s of Rosy at 3:15. All donations collected at this event will go into The Rosy McHargue Memorial Scholarship Fund. Donations are tax deductable.

You don’t want to miss this special event at The Valley Jazz Club. Jazz America will start the show with special music played by this year’s wonderful and talented students. Their music selection will feature some songs inspired by Rosy himself played by some of the most talented young musicians in the L.A. area. It is always a special treat to have Richard Simon bring his Jazz America Trad Jazz group to our club. He will be bringing another group of great students later this summer to our club with Jazz America’s Big Band group. Be sure to catch that show also, more details coming soon.

Following Jazz America will be a special group led by the one and only Dan Levinson. Dan was mentored by Rosy in his early days as a reed player and has influenced his playing ever since. Rosy was a huge influence in Dan’s musical journey and it shows in his wonderful playing of his reed instruments. Hopefully, Dan will bring his c-melody saxophone with him so we can hear the beautiful tones he can create with this unusual instrument.

Featuring: Bryan Shaw (trumpet), Keith Elliott (trombone/C-melody sax), Dan Levinson (clarinet/C-melody sax), Chris Dawson (piano), Katie Cavera  (guitar & vocals), Clint Baker (bass), Larry Wright (drums) with Special guests: Ian Whitcomb and Rink Leslie (vocalist with Rosy McHargue on his 1952 recording session).

Don’t miss out on this special event at the Valley Jazz Club, hosted by the Jazz Forum Club. It will be an afternoon of music you won’t soon forget.

Jam sessions with local musicians starts at 1:00 PM, Jazz America starts about 2:15 and the Seven Son’s of Rosy will start about 3:15 until about 5:00.

A Tribute to Rosy McHargue featuring:

Jazz America and The Seven Son’s of Rosy

April 2, 2017