A not for profit organization dedicated to promoting Jazz in the San Fernando Valley.


Please Note:

Stay tuned for when we will re-open...

We are awaiting direction from the state after

June 15th to see when we can meet again.

The Valley Jazz Club is postponing all meetings through July 2021.

In compliance with state and local mandates, the Elks Lodge and therefore our club are no longer able to meet. We are all encouraged to shelter at-home and restrict our social interaction with others. We think that if we do as we are asked for a few short weeks, we will all come out better in the end while also helping our fellow Angelinos stay safe.

We will keep you informed through our web site, Facebook page and mailings the best we can for when we will re-start our meetings.

We wish all you the best of health and please be safe during this global pandemic. We know we will all come out of this even stronger than we were before this all started.

See you soon, we miss you all.


Marty McGinnis

818-388-5018 (Cell)